one cyclist's adventures through the urban jungle

Sunday, April 01, 2007

guilty pleasures

My commuting bike at the moment is a singlespeed, it's been the bike that I've ridden for 99% of all my kilometers (that's like 99.5% of all my miles) in the past two years. Obviously I am a big fan, but I must admit to having a geared bike on order. Not as a replacement, but as a compliment to my stable.

This week while riding I will admit to smiling at two things that maybe I shouldn't have:

  1. On one occasion I saw two cyclists at a traffic light, one all singlespeeded up (perhaps fixed?) the other geared to the heavens. Both of them were itching to take-off at the first sight of green light. As the light turned green, the geared fellow clanked and thumped as his chain stumbled to engage on his cassette. In the meantime, the one-speedified chap pedaled smoothly through the intersection. Yeah....
  2. On Friday during the ride home I passed a guy on an electric scooter/moped contraption.
With singlespeeds, you never miss a shift and with 38x16 gearing you don't win too many drag races on flat, paved roads.