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Saturday, January 05, 2008

been a long time coming

I have never been much of a person to make new years resolutions and I am not really about to start. I have been thinking a lot about the blog, or lack thereof, for a while now. I have composed many posts in my mind. Titles like "I can't believe I rode without decent lights for so long", " I (heart) messenger bags", "Rain Gear: friend or foe?", "Care and feeding of your mechanic". The list goes on. I suppose it is time to get off my arse and start typing.

I have been doing a lot of riding though, that is good. My girlfriend has been getting plenty of miles in aswell. Her trusty Jake the Snake is doing quite well. This year, along with getting in more miles than ever, we are planning on doing some light touring. The idea of spending several days on the bikes is appealing to both of us. In the meantime, the daily spin to work is pretty nice too.