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Monday, March 19, 2007

Weekend group ride

Over the past few days I have been talking to some people's about trying to set up a group ride for a bunch of us cyclist-types that are not affiliated with any serious riding clubs. Weeknights are usually packed for any one particular person so we have been thinking a weekend ride. Weekend rides can easily interfere with hangovers so I am thinking a ride a bit later in the morning, maybe 10:00ish, ride for a few hours (pace to be moderate), then hit up food (pints) afterwards. The routes will be decided on the fly, people can ride at their own pace, the night before can be sweat out. Yeah, something like that.

To be honest, unless I could think up a good title for a ride like this, I wouldn't even mention the idea here. I spent my entire ride home trying to think up something witty. What did I come up with? I am sort of thinking Tour De'toxification or as the Italians would say Giro De'toxification. If this ends up being the name, I fully expect someone to show up with detox in a bento box (triathletes I am pointing at you).

Stay tuned.


Amy said...

Hey!!!! I own the phrase "detox in a box" as well as "happiness in a box" and several other "in a box" type phrases. If there is any profit gained on the use of the aforementioned phrase I want in. Next you'll be marketing Bacon Bacon. EB!

Fritz said...

Heh, "Giro deTox." Has a certain ring.

danomite said...

Amy, once I get my new bike, you'll have to catch me if you want to share the profits.
I am sure my high priced attorneys will say that adding the 'bento' aspect to it differentiates it enough. Ha!

I like the ring of Giro deTox! I also like that people outside my immediate group of friends have found my blog. Hooray for teh Internets!