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Sunday, March 22, 2009

MMS - Monkey Maintenance Session

I did a Monkey Maintenace Session yesterday and installed the Sugino XD cranks. Old BB was right size and still had lots of life (long live the UN-52 or was it 53) so it stayed. After 4 years of one 170mm and one 175mm crank arm that stuck out differing lengths, I can now say that everything matches and sticks out equally!

The other part of the maintenance was to begin operation dinglespeed. I kept the 38T Surly SSSS ring (stainless steel single speed) and used the 36T ring from the Suginos. On the stern of the bike I have an 18T and 20T freewheel so a flip of the flip-flop (bustin' out lyrics straight from hip hop) results in not having to adjust the brakes. With the Nanoraptor tires in place those combos are pretty good.