one cyclist's adventures through the urban jungle

Thursday, August 16, 2007

bikes are replaceable

Cyclists are not.

I am just going to pretend like nothing happened to the blog. Pretend like I didn't miss posting for 3 months.

I'd really like to pretend that one of my closest friends, Amy, didn't call me last weekend to tell me that she was okay but just got out of emergency after going over the bars , cracking her helmet and getting some not so tasty road rash.

I'd like to pretend that I didn't get hit by that minivan 3 weeks ago when a driver failed to give me the right of way in a traffic circle (blog irony perhaps) and hit me.

I can't pretend that any of the above did or did not happen, whichever is the case. I am happy to still be riding, I could have been killed. Amy is happy to be healing up too. Neither of us are happy that our bikes are both possibly ruined.

I am happy to be back on the blog too.