one cyclist's adventures through the urban jungle

Sunday, April 29, 2007

whoa, what happened there?

Sweet, so I made it about a month before disappearing for two weeks, that was longer than I expected. I'll just have to start blogging from work. ha.
Actually, I was out of town for about a week - just got back from the Souther US. Tucson AZ to be more precise. Before I left I learned that Tucson is a pretty bike-friendly city. With 360(!!!) sunny days every year, it'd be hard not to ride in that town. My first morning out in the city I was wayyy early for my appointment so I took a drive around town to check things out. FIrst bike I saw was a Surly 1x1. I knew that Tucson would be a cool town from that moment on. There were bike lanes all over the place in the city and on secondary highways out of town. A friend I made during my stay showed me the UofA Campus; it was loaded with bike racks and a multitude of bikes showed that they were well used.
On one of my adventures through the area I took a drive (sucks that I didn't have a bike) out of town towards Saguaro Natl Park East which involves taking a trip over a small mountain pass. The road seemed to be pretty popular amongst the roadies, I saw many packs of them out in the hot sun. Where there weren't painted off bike lanes there was signage to remind drivers about what was going on.

I don't know how they do it in that temperature, I'd be dead. It was well over 30deg C and it was only the end of April.

All in all, Tucson seems like a pretty good place to ride a bike.