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Monday, April 30, 2007

Some new literature

I have a hard time finding good bike mags. Dirt Rag and Singletrack are about the best 'big publications' that I'll read. I long gave up MBA and Mountain Bike. Bicycling never really did it for me. Matt Chester has been taking forever to get out all of the first edition of 700See so I haven't bothered sending him any money. Cranked looks like a worthwhile publication, I intend to send a few dollars down to Washington State to find out - looks like a safe gamble to me. Otherwise I stick to the web for my dose of bike-readin'.

Today on commutebybike they mentioned that Urban Cyclist has just released issue#1. Limited edtion of print, but, are you ready, for this? You can download the whole issue for free. PIYIYW (print it yourself if you want). I have given it a quick read, it looks good. Check it out. Also let me know about Cranked if'n you've read it.