one cyclist's adventures through the urban jungle

Thursday, March 08, 2007

It's not about riding with who you know...'s about riding with who you don't know. I ride past people all the time (yeah yeah, I get passed by a few too). Most of the time I give, at the very least, a 'hello'. Sometimes a comment about the weather or something else. Every now and then I will actually get talking to someone for long stretches of road.

Take today, for example. I rode with Johnny Biopace (I never asked for his name, but he was talking about his Biopace chainring) for about 15 minutes and he showed me an alternate route through the urban jungle. I'd talked to him before - about building singlespeeds, gear ratios etc. Today we talked city riding, detours because of the new Skytrain route, and mangled Aluminum cyclocross frames. Oh yeah, and Biopace chainrings and how they are probably a bad thing for singlespeeds, but worth a shot if you accidentally bought one.

Shooting the breeze with someone on the way home is great - it makes a great ride that much better. I have a few 'regulars' that I see every so often, but its the lone road warriors that you really only see once that really keep it interesting.